About ServiceMaster Restore of North Bay

The Owner and Staff of ServiceMaster Restore of North Bay bring over 40 years experience in Disaster Restoration, Construction and Cleaning Industries.

Services are provided for all Emergencies on a 24 hour basis. All types of Reconstruction, Renovation and Cleaning services can be provided. We provide our services to Insurance companies,Non-profit Housing Corporatons, Provincially Funded Housing Corporations, Government Agencies and private Homeowners.

Through ServiceMaster of Canada our franchise adheres to their Quality Assurance Programs. These programs were developed to ensure consistent delivery of the highest levels of customer satisfaction. One part of the Quality Assurance Program is the TellServiceMaster program.  The TellServiceMaster program allows a customer to provide feedback on the quality and attributes of service, level of customer satisfaction, and provides an avenue for the resolution of problems. 


At ServiceMaster Restore of North Bay we are committed to protecting personal information and meeting the privacy standards applicable to each of our customers. Personal information gathered throughout the claims process will be limited to what is necessary for our stated purposes and will be collected by fair and lawful means. Customer information will not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with consent or required by law. Personal information will be kept only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes. All personal information will be protected by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.


ServiceMaster Restore of North Bay is committed to providing our clients with a clean environment in accordance with the standards set forth in the Contract Task Schedules. Our franchise intends to accomplish this by first adhering to the Corporate Objectives of ServiceMaster of Canada, which are

To honor God in all we do

To help people develop

To pursue excellence

To grow profitably

Our franchise chooses to emphasize an objective of service. Service is more than just performance of a task with the hope of reward. It involves the giving of oneself for the benefit of others. There is value and worth in serving, regardless of title or position. Too often the standards of success or achievement do not provide for recognition with honor for those who perform routine service work. At ServiceMaster Restore of North Bay, the service worker is the very lifeblood of our business. We seek through our business to provide dignity and respect for the whole person. We will accomplish this by communicating to each person:

Empowerment of each employee with knowledge through training, products and equipment.

Definite standards of expectations

Definite and measurable responsibilities of each employee

An atmosphere of urgency and a sense of personal ownership

A sensitivity to the abilities and asperations of each employee

A positive attitude of service to our clients

Dignity does not result from one specific act, but is the result of many experiences -  in the workplace, in the home and in the community. Neither is dignity measured by the achievement of titles or material wealth. Rather, it comes from the recognition that every person has been created in the image of God and can grow and develop in a workplace that provides the opportunity to serve others.

Our franchises challenge is to create dignity and income through productivity. This has been and always will be, a primary focal point at ServiceMaster Restore of North Bay as we continue to be the premiere provider of service to homes, businesses, hospitals, schools, colleges and large industrial plants.



"Whether the water, smoke or fire emergency is large or small, we will do everything humanly possible to help restore people’s lives, homes and businesses to normal. We know that doing the best technical job is expected. What we do is understand the emotional needs of those involved and deliver a remarkable customer service experience."

Customer Testimonials

ServiceMaster of North Bay saved the day

I now refer to the ServiceMaster crew from North Bay as my knights in shining armour.

Our city, Thunder Bay had declared a state of emergency.

Thirty days before the sale of our house closed, my husband, four children and our dog were faced with sewer water in our basement. We  did as much as we could with the limited resourses we had.

Then serviceMaster came to the rescue. They told us to sit back and relax and that is exactly what I was able to do.

The job was done on a level above and beyond anything that we could of ever hoped for.

JG, Thunder Bay


The fellows did an outstanding job, and the clean up was perfect... nothing for us to do after they left.

Both employees were a pleasure to work with. They are both knowledgable and have a very positive attitude and strong work ethic. They did a great job on my basement and in representing your organization.

BF, North Bay, June 2012


I just wanted to say that I was completely impressed with the service we received from ServiceMaster. The two gentlemen that came and worked on ourr house were so professional and had great customer service; along with the quick and professional service we already received from the office staff. My wife and I were very impressed. It can be stressful dealing with these house issues, but the service we received from ServiceMaster certainly made things much less stressful. Thank you guys for everything.

TY, North Bay, June 2012





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